November 2011

Dear Parishioners:

We received a wonderful thank you note for your generous gifts to those who suffered in the Bastrof fire. I thank you for reaching out to those who have lost everything in those fires. It is, to say the least, difficult and trying times for those people. Not everything can ever be replaced as we well know. It takes a long time to even start the rebuilding process. Please keep those who have been affected by the fires in your prayers. Pray that they may be strengthen to meet each day’s challenges. Thank you again for your love and generosity.

We have another outreach opportunity that will end on November 13th. We are asking everyone to participate in the Operation Christmas Child. Shoe boxes are available in the entry way. You pack these shoe boxes with various items either for a boy or a girl. They ask that $7 be given to help pay for the delivery. These boys and girls would not have a Christmas without your help. I would like to see us surpass the number of boxes we sent last year. You can pick one up on Sunday and return it to the Church no later than Sunday, November 13th. You may also track what country and city your box goes to by going online. Last year, many of our boxes went to some of the poorest areas in South America.

Continuing our outreach in November, we will be wrapping boxes to prepare for our Advent Project on the First Sunday of Advent, November 27th. Please start bringing in canned food goods the first part of November. We will receive names of families in need from Arlington Urban Ministry. We have found they are very accurate in their assessment about the needs of the families they give us. The Advent Project also tries to give gift cards and tries to help with a utility bill or rent so donations are also gladly accepted.

Our Bookstore is also a part of our outreach to the community. You will find an invitation in Sunday’s Bulletins and in this Legate to a Holiday Tea on November 13th. The Bookstore operates on a very thin budget and gives to various community ministries from their profits. I hope you will invite your friends and families to this Holiday Tea. They are working hard to have the Bookstore ready as well as delicious treats with some wonderful tea. It will be a very festive afternoon.

Starting off on November 1st we will celebrate All Saints’ Day with a Eucharist at 10 am in the Chapel. The next day, November 2nd is All Souls Day. We remember those who gone before us, both known and unknown. They have provided us with so many examples and their lives have been a gift to us from God. I hope you will join us for one of the Eucharists, either at Noon or at 6:30 pm, as we remember the lives of those who have gone before.

We are instructed to give thanks in all things. On Wednesday, November 23rd we give thanks to God for the bountiful life and many blessings He has given us and our country. Please join us at 7 pm on Wednesday to first give thanks to God before we celebrate the feast we have on Thanksgiving Day. God has indeed blessed us greatly. Why not bring an extra can of food for the needy as an expression of our gratitude? Please remember the Parish Office will be closed for Thanksgiving Day and Friday.

There are so many things and people to give thanks for here at St. Alban’s. My appreciation and thanks to the Brotherhood of St. Andrew for finishing the painting of the doors on Cawthron Hall. My thanks to Phil Jarvis for fixing many of the holes that were left from the removal of our fire alarm. Our gratitude to Theresa Gilmore for all her help in the Office, stuffing bulletins , straightening up the Church, not to mention keeping our phone message up to date. Our Sunday Christian Education teachers and Children Liturgy Leaders deserve great appreciation for all they have been doing for our learning and growing in the knowledge and love of the Lord. My thanks for Janie Lundy and Marilyn Huff for attending to the needs of our Sunday School Teachers. Thank you to those who have volunteered to watch our children on Wednesday evenings during choir rehearsals. Your help is of greatly appreciated and we could use a few more volunteers! Of course I could go on and on for there are so many of you that make St. Alban’s a wonderful and special place to be.

For those who have not heard the latest on the lawsuit against us by TEC, the full report and judge’s decision can be found online at http://www.fwepiscopal.org/news/supersedeasbond.html. The basics are:

  1. The Diocese must put up $100,000 for the supersedeas bond while our case is on appeal with the Texas Supreme Court.
  2. Each parish must report monthly income and expenses in a report to TEC.
  3. No property can be encumbered or sold as long as our case is being appealed to the Texas Supreme Court.

I ask you to continue your prayers for our legal team and our Bishop. It may be months or even years before the case may be finally settled. Please continue your generous giving to the Legal Defense Fund as the Diocesan assets may not be used to fund our defense.

I must share with you that this year’s Advent Lessons and Carols will be very special and something you don’t want to miss. Advent Lessons and Carols will be on the first Sunday in December so mark your calendars. This year we will have two of the three harpists that were here during our Lenten Concert Series. They were fantastic and I have even heard it rumored that a special piece is being written for our Hand Bell Choir and the harpists to accompany each other. Our thanks and graditude for our Bell Choir, Sueda, Thomas and all who are making this possible. Again, you don’t want to miss this year’s Advent Lessons and Carols.

By the time you receive this newsletter, the World Series will have been decided. I can say that it has been exciting to see how well our home team has done. I cannot help but say “Go Rangers!” one more time. It has been very entertaining to say the least. Of greater importance, however is your prayerful stewardship for 2012. I appeal to you that if you have not yet turned in your commitment card for 2012, please do so today. Our prayerful commitment to the “glory of God” is more important than our entertainment. It is exciting to be part of the ministry and mission that is enabled with your stewardship, generosity and commitment to God’s Glory. It is exciting to see how far St. Alban’s can go to the Glory of God in 2012. Go St. Alban’s!

Many Blessings and my Thanks to God for you. In Christ,

Fr. K+

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