February 2012

Dear Parishioners:

First I must take care of a little unfinished business. Lynn and I receive a wonderful bottle of Merlot and a package of Cappuccino Cream Wafer Rolls at the Open House in December. There were no names on the items so I could not write a personal thank you. If you gave these wonderful gifts, please know we greatly appreciate these great gifts and thank you for them. I also received a basket filled with hot chocolate, oranges and nuts at the door of the Church on Christmas Eve. The card stated it was from the “Browns.” We do not have but one person with the last name “Brown” in our directory who did not give this gift. I also thank the Brown’s for this gift. It is greatly appreciated. I apologize for not being able to write a personal thank you.

We received a Thank You for Tom Immke, retired Scoutmaster of our Boy Scouts Troop 82. He states, “I won’t say it was easy. But I will say it has been memorable! From our first Summer Camp Tahuaya with 5 boys to our dual Summer Camp experiences. Troop 82 has been on the cutting edge of Program. Without the Church’s amazing cooperation and participation there could not be a Boy Scout Ministry here at St. Alban’s. One again, it has truly been my honor to have been lucky enough to have been at the right place at the right time to start this amazing journey.” Yours in Scouting, Tom Immke. Tom has been the Scoutmaster of our Troop 82 since it began. We wish him the best in his retirement and we welcome Charles Gardener as our new Scoutmaster and look forward to a long relationship with him and Troup 82. We are about have another Eagle Scout with four more progressing towards Eagle Scouts. We can be proud of our Troop.

February 5th is Scout Sunday. We will welcome our Scout Troop as they participate in the ministries of the Eucharist. They will participate as ushers, greeters, oblationers, and lectors. Please welcome and congratulate them for the wonderful job they are doing for us and for our community. The Boy Scouts will be sponsoring our Pancake Supper on Shrove Tuesday, February 21st. I hope you will join us in this celebration of Shrove Tuesday. There will also be a silent auction going on. The Scouts will be having a preview where you can bid on items on Scout Sunday. In addition, we will have our own Jon Stutler and the Razzmajazz Band joining us at the Pancake Supper. We greatly appreciate their wonderful music as it adds great festivity to the event. Invite your family, friends and neighbors for great food, great music and fantastic fellowship.

Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent is February 22nd. We will have Imposition of Ashes and Eucharist at Noon and at 7:00 pm. Lent is a very important journey in the Liturgical Year and in our Spiritual life. Lent is to unfetter us from our chains and bondage to sin. It is the time when we focus not only on what we have done and left undone but the abundant grace given to us in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To aid in our journey we will have our Lenten Concert Series once again. On March 9th we will have Texas Guitar Quartet; on March 23rd we will have the Eve Project from Dallas; and on March 30th we will have the East Texas Handbell Ensemble of which our own Sueda Luttrell is a member. On March 2nd and 16th we will have a meatless dinner followed by guest speakers. Please watch your bulletin and March Legate for more information as the guest speakers are checking their schedules at the writing of this article.

February 12th, John and Kristi Heffron, our Diocesan Missionaries to the Diocese of Northern Malawi, will be here as our guest speakers at 9:15 am in the Parish Hall. Adult class will not meet this day so everyone may attend. Please join us on this Sunday as the Heffron’s will introduce to us our Companion Diocese and our Centurion, Fr. Binga. Fr. Binga serves St. Marks Church on Likoma Island and another mission some distance away. I have asked Daughter’s of the King to lead our Centurion Program. There will be communication, support and a growing relationship between Fr. Binga’s parish and Saint Albans. I hope everyone will embrace this important and unique ministry and outreach. We are blessed to have the opportunity to make friends and develop a relationship with Anglicans around the world. Watch for updates, pictures and information that will posted on the bulletin board in the hallway.

There are a couple of needs that will soon need to be addressed at St. Alban’s. First, is the support of the Centurion Program. We will need to raise $1600 per year to aid in supporting the priest, Fr. Binga. (As I told the Vestry, don’t get any ideas!) To have a full time priest and to have that priest’s ministry cover many miles, and numerous parishes and/or missions is a blessing I believe we can help with. The Daughter’s of the King have already held two bake sales to start us off but more help would be appreciated. Secondly, it has been brought to my attention that the acolyte, Lector’s, and Chalice Bearers vestment are at the stage of wear that looks rather shabby. They have had many years of use and we need to start replacing them. Again, if you wish to help in this area, your donations would greatly be appreciated. Third of course but not least, it costs to bring this level of talented musicians and speakers for our Lenten Program. St. Alban’s is getting to be known in the community for our Lenten Concerts. Whether you can be generous at the door or generous through a special gift, again your support is greatly appreciated. These items are outside the scope of our budget but will benefit St. Alban’s greatly in many ways.

A big thank you goes to The Brotherhood of St. Andrew and volunteers for a delicious New Year’s Day breakfast. You did a great job. A big thank you also goes to Monica and helpers for the wonderful Epiphany Brunch. Another great time and food. My personal thanks for those who have served on the Vestry: Ty Head, Sheryl Fritz, Richard Stolley, and Sue Hogg. A special thanks to Sue Hogg for serving faithfully and being of great help to me as my Senior Warden and to Ty for serving two terms as Junior Warden. We have been greatly blessed with so many wonderful and talented people. I look forward to a wonderful year filled with the love, fellowship, and growth that God intends for us at St. Alban’s.

May you have a Blessed Lent!

Fr. K+

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