July 2012

Dear Parishioners:

First I would like to express my appreciation for all involved in our Vacation Bible School. We had 75 children registered. While all did not show up on any particular day, we did have a rotating group of about 65 children each day. I want to thank all those who participated in decorating the rooms and parish hall. Your skills and talents shined as they set the atmosphere for the program. Great appreciation goes to all the station leaders, the crew leaders, assistant crew leaders, the kitchen crew, the registration crew and all those who helped by donating the many items needed to make our Vacation Bible School a success. Deep gratitude goes to Gretchen Hosea and her family for leading our Vacation Bible School this year. A superb job and ministry was done by all. Many thanks for the parents and the students of Vacation Bible School for their participation. You never know what God will bring and give to us. There were several inquiries about St. Alban’s and the hope that some may come and be part of our St. Alban’s family. Vacation Bible School not only provides an outreach to our youth of Arlington but also reached out to Safe Haven to provide them with School Supplies. Again thank all involved in making this an exciting and wonderful ministry and outreach of St. Alban’s.

Our thanks to Brotherhood of St. Andrew for their wonderful and delicious fish fry in honor of our patronal feast day, St. Alban’s Day. The fish fry was not just a celebration of our Feast Day but also a way to help raise funds to purchase bicycles for priests in the Diocese of Northern Malawi. This is the most economical way for priests to get around to the different parishes and stations they may have under their ministry. I hope you have and are continuing to pray for our Centurion partner, Fr. Binga and St. Mark’s Parish. We still have a ways to go in fulfilling our obligations to support for our brother in Christ as well as a way to help our brothers and sisters in Christ at St. Mark’s Parish. An exciting note is that we may have Bishop Fanuel, Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Malawi with us to preach in August.

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew has also been helping our Junior Warden with projects here and there around the Church facility. Thank you for all your help and a wonderful lunch following our celebration of our feast day. Once again these men put forth a wonderful ministry and are living out their mission.

July is a rather quiet time around St. Alban’s as many vacations and programs take time out for rest and relaxation. A wonderful group of people, the choir takes a vacation during the month of July. I want to thank them for all their giving and sharing to the glory of God their talents and gifts to aid in our worship of our Lord and Savior. They have been faithful and present throughout the year to sing and lead us in our praise and worship. They have sung at Diocesan Convention and other special events. Thank you for all your help and dedication. It and you are greatly appreciated. I hope the parish will take advantage of becoming a benefactor for our music program that has been in the bulletin. There are two ways to help: the first for a donation to pick one of your favorite hymns, (in season of course) to sing while the choir is on vacation or during the month of August. The second way is to provide a donation to help support the music program. When we have strings or brass accompanying the Eucharists at Christmas and Easter; when we have our Lenten Series; when we have special events; when we offer scholarship to students: these are all additional costs beyond our music budget. While we collect funds at these events, we do not usually collect enough to cover the costs. I hope you will join in, if able, to continue to support our superb music program.

My thanks and appreciation goes to those who gave to purchase new vestments for the acolytes, chalice bearers and lectors. Our vestments for those serving at the altar were getting old, torn and worn. We have placed the order for some of the new vestments and hopefully they will be arriving this month. Thank you for your generous support and reaching out to help these ministries who serve God at his altar. I look forward to seeing our various ministries in fresh new vestments. We can always use several people’s help in keeping them clean and fresh. If this is a ministry you would like to provide, please let Stephen Vinson know. It would be greatly appreciated.

This year we will be doing something different. In August we usually have Rally Sunday to kick off our ministries and Christian Education. Since giving of your talent is rightly part of Stewardship, we are going to have Rally Sunday on September 30th in conjunction with our Stewardship Drive. This means that we will have a special Sign Up for Christian Education in August. Be watching to sign up for classes to deepen your knowledge of our Lord. We will have a table in the Entrance to check in and commit to this vitally important matter in the lives of Christians. This will take place on the 12th, 19th and 26th of August. Be watching for class details.

Also something to put on your calendar is our Second Organ Concert on our completed organ. This will be on October 7th. So mark your calendar and plan to join us for another inspiring evening.

Our Boy Scout Troop has been very helpful once again. They trimmed up the tree off the Canterbury House. They put in a new metal door and replaced some rotted trim. They have been painting and sprucing up the Scout Hut. We thank them for all the hard work they have been doing to improve the grounds. Starting in August, we will have a new parish representative to the Boy Scout Troop #82. We thank Keith Ackerman for all the wonderful work he has done in bringing closer the relationship of the Troop and the Parish. Tom Immke, the retired Scout Master of our Troop, will be the new Parish Representative. In addition, Tom’s son, Travis is submitting his papers and project to become an Eagle Scout. If the Scout Board approves of his project, he will be restriping our parking lot for us. What a wonderful gift. Good luck in your preparations and may the Board approve this needed project. Congratulations and our Thanks to Tom for being such an example and great help. Please keep them in your prayers.

Please also note we will have a change of Office Hours for the month of July: the Office Hours will be Monday through Thursday 8:30 am until 3 pm. On Friday’s it will be 8:30 until 2 pm. Please note the change for the month of July. We will return to our regular hours beginning August 1st.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing summer. I pray you may grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord during this time after Pentecost. May the Lord Bless and Keep you as you travel, stay at home and of course, as you worship our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ.

Fr. K+

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