That’s right – only 5 weeks until we start the Habitat Home build! Most of the teams are in place and we need everyone to volunteer to help out! There are jobs as simple as driving workers to & from the job-site, bringing refreshments or lunch to the job-site, joining the prayer team to lift up all of the other volunteers while they are out in the open working on building. All are important – there is something that EVERYONE from our church family can do to help! WE NEED YOU! Maybe it is to make & bring your favorite sandwiches for the group, maybe it is offering your Van or Suburban to deliver or pick up people – it might be as simple as showing up there and leading us in singing good old Gospel songs while others are building – there is a job that anyone can do! Let’s show the rest of Arlington and this deserving family just what God is using us from St. Alban’s for! After all, aren’t we Disciples in Action?

You can expect a call from one of our Volunteer team to explain all of the many ways YOU can help. We are doing this to bring glory to God and fulfill the Great Commission!

You will also have an opportunity to write a Bible verse or inspirational message on one of the wall studs that will actually be built into the rooms of this house! Stay tuned for the details! If you haven’t already volunteered, call Lucille Matthews or Jim Ray TODAY!

Lucille 817-261-8588
Jim Ray 817-299-0240

Disciples N Action – Works N Progress

Soon we will have wall studs at the church for everyone to write a note of inspiration, a scripture verse that means a lot to you, or even a very devout prayer you may feel led to share thru this opportunity. Details to follow!

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