Disciples N Action – Works N Progress

Well, the 2×4 wall studs are here and ready for you to write on. Anything from good wishes to scriptures, to Inspirational thoughts would be appropriate. It is just another way that our church family can include our thoughts & prayers as well as the Lord Jesus Christ into their home to stay. Our hope is that we have these 9 completely filled and go back for more! They will be available to write on each Sunday in the Narthex as well as all day long on Rally Day by the Parish Hall. They will be marked as to what room they will be going in so make your thoughts or scriptures reflect that room! There will be one for each exterior wall, north, south, east & west as well as 1 for each interior room – Living room, kitchen, Master bedroom, second & third bedrooms. There are plenty of scriptures that will work well on any of these rooms! The Word of God is the most powerful force in our universe! What a wonderful way to use if for His glory! God bless you all and see you on Rally Day!


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