October 2012

Dear Parishioners:

October brings the winds of change. The landscape of Texas is beginning to change. The leaves of trees begin to tell us preparation for winter is near. Our yards stop growing as fast and begin to show signs of becoming dormant for the winter months. Merchandise in the stores begin to change from summer to fall wear and even Christmas merchandise warns us that the great celebration is not that far away.

While our world changes; while our lives change; while our quality of life may change; there is something or should I more properly say, there is someone who does not change: Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He does not need a new marketing plan. He does not need a new promotion or gimmick. He does not need to convince us that new programs will bring him closer to us. What he does need is for us to allow him deeper into our hearts, our minds and our souls. Our Lord needs us to change. How? To be involved in his life, his death and his resurrection: to live lives that are Christ like. That takes action on our part.

If we come to church to just receive, we are missing the most important part of the Eucharist. If we are just doing our obligation; we are missing the abundance of life that is ours to receive. If we are there just to improve our quality of life and relationships, then we miss the most important relationship we can have. For it is out of our Lord’s life; it is out of his teaching; it is out of his suffering, death and resurrection that we can be changed and transformed into something we may have never thought or dreamed of.

There are many opportunities at St. Alban’s to put into action our life in Christ. We just had Rally Day. Did you commit and put into action the ministry our Lord is calling you to do? The gear man, our symbol for stewardship is to remind us that we are all needed to keep the Body of Christ moving and in action. Take one piece away and the body does not function as it should. We have our commitment Sunday coming up on November 4th, All Saint’s Sunday. Are you prayerfully considering what the Lord is asking you to give? Are you dedicating yourself to live by the Scriptures and work towards a tithe? After all there are three standards of giving according to our Lord: a tithe or 10%; 50%; or 100%. If we have a goal is it not to give 100% of our selves: our talents, our time and our treasure?

There are also many activities to enrich your worship and life in the Lord. We begin with the Blessing of the Animals on Saturday, October 6th at 10 am in the Parish Hall. As I have said in the past, we don’t guarantee a change in behavior but we do want to dedicate even our pets to the Lord and ask for a blessing and give thanksgiving for them as they enrich our lives. On the 6th we also have a Rummage Sale going on to benefit our commitment to the Centurion Program. We are helping not only a priest in the Diocese of Northern Malawi but also a parish and Diocese. If you would like to donate or work, please call Gloria Lawley. Also there is a Dinner and Auction at St. Andrew’s downtown on Saturday evening beginning at 6 pm. We are trying to help Bishop Fanuel, who was with us in August, to Raise the Roof on St. Marks’ Mzuzu. While the Cathedral in the Diocese of Northern Malawi is on an island, Bishop Fanuel would like to have a Cathedral on the mainland to serve God and his people in this growing area. I hope we will see you there.

Once again Charlene Dorsey has provided us a wonderful opportunity for a Festival Organ Concert with Linton Powell, adjunct professor at UTA and organist at St. Mark’s, Arlington. I have had the privilege of hearing him not only at St. Mark’s but also while he is rehearsing. It will be a very dynamic concert you won’t want to miss. The concert begins at 7 pm and a reception will follow in the Parish Hall. Invite your friends and neighbors for this fantastic event.

On Saturday, the 13th of October is the Women’s Congress of the Diocese. It is a wonderful opportunity to participate and get to know women from all over the Diocese. Robi Ley will be the speaker and Bishop Iker will celebrate the Eucharist. It is also where we present our gift to the Anglican Relief and Development Fund to help those in need around the world. I hope we will have a good representation at the Women’s Congress. More information and registration forms are on the Welcome Desk in the Entrance.

Sunday, October 14th we will invite our youth to participate in the ministries of the Church. They will be lectors, ushers, greeters, acolytes and choir for our 10:30 Eucharist. They do a fantastic ministry each and every Youth Sunday. Please give them encouragement and our gratitude as they learn and grow in the ministry of our Lord.

On Saturday, October 27th we will have an Instructed Eucharist for the Inquirer’s Class at 10 am. I would like to invite everyone to join us as we learn a little more about the Great Thanksgiving, the Eucharist. Our Confirmands and those wishing to be be Received or Renew their Baptismal Vows will do so on October 28th, Sunday at the 10:30 Eucharist. Our Bishop, Bishop Iker will be at St. Alban’s and I hope you will make a special attempt to be with us as we gather with our Bishop to give thanks to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen the faith and commitment of our candidates. A potluck reception will follow the 10:30 Eucharist in the Parish Hall, the Parish will provide the meat. Mark it on your calendar and come welcome those who will be Confirmed, Received or Renewing their Baptismal Vow. It is a very special day for them and us. During the 10:30 Eucharist there will also be the opportunity to give a gift to the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund. This fund allows the Bishop to help clergy and their families in need and help others also. Please be generous. Envelopes will be available to place your offering.

On Sunday, October 28th there will also be a special treat for the youth of the Parish. The staff is preparing bags of candy to be handed out following the Eucharist. I hope parents will read to the little ones the meaning of Halloween, All Hollow’s Eve. We hope all our young ones have a safe and sweet holiday.

Looking slightly ahead, remember that All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day are coming up the 1st and 2nd of November. There will be forms in the bulletin for you to list the names of those you wish to have remembered at the Eucharists. Be present with us as we remember those who have gone before. Remember All Saints’ Sunday, November 4th we are asking for all Commitment Cards to be brought to the Church and placed in the special box provided. We will offer these commitments to the Lord at the Offertory.

You will also find on our Web Site and in the bulletin (every so often) an update for your contact information. I hope everyone will take the time to fill this form out. There are so many changes that have taken place in the arena of communication. We still have snail mail; email; texting; Facebook; web pages; home phones; cell phones not to mention talking with each other. We are asking you to update all this information so that we may better communicate. Some prefer one method over another to communicate. Others wish we didn’t have all this technology and stay with the older forms of communication. Please fill it out and turn it into the Parish Office as soon as you can.

St. Alban’s is a great place to be. There are so many ministries; so many groups; so many ways to grow and change more and more our lives in Christ. Come and take advantage of all the opportunities. Invite family, friends and those who do not know Christ that we may continually renew our commitment to Him.

In Christ,
Fr. K+

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