Disciples N Action Work N Progress

Well, we have started! On Friday morning, all there was at this address was and empty lot with a slab & driveway poured. By the time everyone left on Day #2, almost the entire framing was completed! Many thanks to Lou Baker and Elly Ferbend’s food team for great lunches, Tom Lawley and Phil Jarvis for the refreshments, Keith Higham & Joe Kotenski for transporting folks & food to the job-site. Thanks to the Steve Altman and the builders- Lenny, Mark, Sharon, Tom, & Gloria for help building. Most importantly, thanks to those who are lifting up in prayer this family, this project, these volunteers, and even our community around this house. The 2×4’s are up for all walls from those written on by our church family for all to see when they drive by – just look for the bright paint to identify those from St. Alban’s!

Ask anyone involved and you can sense the love & fun we are having putting into this whole effort. Come join the fun!

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