Disciples N Action Works N Progress

Well, it’s now week 3 of the Home build – 4 days of building have past. We went from a slab of concrete with nothing on it on Friday the 19th to a fully framed, decked house with TyVek weather proofing on the exterior walls, and we get to help build again this Friday! By the end of this coming weekend – days 5 & 6, the roof should be decked. Many thanks to Keith & Todd for the transportation, Lou & Elly for the lunches, Steve, Lenny & Bill for building and all of the prayers from everyone else. This is truly an amazing opportunity for us to give back in our city. We will be working again this coming Friday, the 2nd of November, and who knows how many more opportunities we will have before this is all done? There is now a sign out front showing all of the community support going into building this house! This coming Saturday the 3rd, we will provide transportation for another local church to help with this building project. It has been a blessing to see how we all take off and start “giving to the glory of God” as one team leader put it. You know what? Every one of these team leaders feels the same way! Every volunteer feels the same way! Join in the fun! Call Jim Ray or Lucille Matthews today and become a part of this wonderful chance to do what God wants us to do every day!

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