Disciples N Action, Works N Progress

Last Saturday completed 3 week ends of construction on the Habitat Home build. St Albans was blessed with the opportunity to have 6 of our folks out there to help almost complete the roof truss installation on Friday, and on Saturday, all the remaining ones and almost half of the roof decking was installed. We were also blessed with the opportunity to transport another church family group to the job site on Saturday in addition to bringing over some on Friday. Many thanks to Keith, Todd, Phil, Melissa, & Bob for helping transport this weekend. Thanks also to Steve, Bill, Pete, Phil, and my daughter’s boyfriend BeJoye, who took off work that day just to help us with this work. I know all of them feel as I do – we got much more out of it than we put into it! I am looking forward to several more chances to give back as a part of this great outreach opportunity. Here are a couple of pictures – the very first day and after last Saturday. This all happened in 6 days of work!


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