Disciples N Action Works N Progress

Well, it has been a month since the start of this house building effort. All of the walls are up, the roof is up and all decked, and it has already had 2 green tags from the City Inspector. It is now in a place construction-wise where weather will not slow down much the interior building progress. If you noticed the pictures in last week’s bulletin, it is hard to imagine that this house will be completed in 24 building days by many of us who never installed a wall, interior doorway, roof truss, or even knew what a header or a jack stud was. And it is all done for the glory of God and as a neighborhood outreach project from a bunch of people who love the Lord and are willing to lend a helping hand. We were not a part of the building process this week – but rest assured many who we know and worship with have prayed mightily over this house and its builders in our absence. What a great bunch of people the St Alban’s church family is made of! Stay tuned for further updates!

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