Disciples N Action, Works N Progress

As we start the exciting season of Advent, we see the conclusion of the work so many have helped with on building this Habitat House. As of now, the exterior is almost completely finished and painted, all the windows are installed, and the front door and garage door is in place. The plumbing is nearly completed, the air conditioning & heating is ready to install. What is left to do this weekend is finishing up the front porch and area above the doors with siding and finish painting. Most of the interior will be done by contractors. On December 6th all of the Build-a-home and Preserve-a-home projects from this summer & fall will be dedicated. Many hundreds of people volunteered their time to make these happen and it is a blessing for St. Alban to have been a part of it all! What an exciting Christmas it will be for this family! Soon there will be completed pictures, so stay tuned for further updates!

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