Disciples N Action, Work N Progress

We have just been given an opportunity to help in a neighborhood revitalization project that will be done on Saturday, April 6th in Fort Worth. Habitat for Humanity is going to paint the exterior of 50 houses that single day! So far they have helped repaint 2300 houses in Fort Worth alone in past years! We need 15 volunteers to be able to work that day until about 3 PM. All of us will be working on the same house so we can car-pool to make it more efficient. All who volunteer will be given a Habitat Brush Up tee-shirt for their efforts. If you can be a part of this Outreach opportunity, contact me at 817-475-8291 or drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. We will transport all to & from the work site and provide lunch for those who volunteer. Let’s show Fort Worth that our family can help their families!

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