June 2013

Dear Parishioners:

Isn’t it amazing when you have been married so long that the other person can finish your sentence or verbalize something you were just thinking about? What does it mean that the other person knows me so well that my thoughts and actions are that well known? It usually means that as human beings, we are fairly predictable and that our spouse can predict what we are trying to say or think about. But every so often I have heard the exchange between couples: That is not what I am trying to say! Stop putting words in my mouth! Surprise! No matter how well we are known and our habits predictable, there is always an element of mystery that surrounds a person. A negative example is when we hear of extreme cases such as a husband having two or more families in different states. We think to ourselves, “How could they not know?” How can you live with someone so long and not know who they are? Were they in denial? Did they have blinders on? Did they not suspect something? A positive example is when that special person who could never keep a secret surprises us with a special anniversary or birthday party. We then ask ourselves: “How did they do this without me knowing?”

God is like this. No matter how well we may think we know him; no matter how much we spend time with Him; no matter how much we read the Scriptures, we have a God who surprises us with how well He knows us and how little know about Him. This is why learning is vitally important in our Christian lives. Christian Education should be right up there, in fact surpass our learning for work or school or learning a new skill. Is it?

I first would like to thank and express my gratitude to the fantastic team of Christian Educators we have. They have dedicated themselves to help us learn and grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord. It is a ministry that calls for dedication, time, energy, knowledge and creativity. They have freely and generously given to the glory of our Lord. Many thanks to Waller Poage for teaching on the Lectionary; Fr. Scalisi for his Disciple’s N Action course: Deacon Nancy for her course on personality and prayer. Doug Hosea did a fantastic ministry for our Junior and Senior High age group. Thanks also to Cliff and Christy Evan’s for substituting. Jinni Touchstone, Gretchen Hosea, Jeannette Hamilton ,and Sue Hogg did a loving and caring ministry helping our 1st through 6th grade youth. We also had a great team for our pre-school: Sara Beall, Didi Eigbobo, Janice Doerge, Eric Darrow and Jim Ray who take great care teaching our young ones. We also must not forget our great team for our Children’s Liturgy: Emily Nixon, Becky Brown, Ben Doerge, Laura Horton and Pete Haagen. They continue all year long providing a wonderful way to present the Scriptures to our young youth. My appreciation also goes to Susie Wheaton for overseeing and ordering the curriculum for our Christian Education. She still is doing a fantastic ministry not only on the parish level but with the Diocesan Christian Education Committee. Thank you all for all you have and are doing for our Christian Education.

While Christian Education is taking a break for the summer months, Waller Poage’s class on the Lectionary is continuing on Sunday’s at 9:15 am. I hope you will join with me in thanking our teachers and students on Sunday June 2nd at the 10:30 Eucharist for their ministry and gifts they share generously.

Our next big event for Christian Education is our Vacation Bible School. It is not too late to volunteer as your schedule for summer is firming up. There are also a host of items needed for the differing stations and for snacks. Last but not least is the need for children. VBS is not only a great educational opportunity but its Mission is to reach out to the community. We welcome our own parishioner’s youth and those of friends, neighbors and the community. It is a wonderful opportunity to reach out and help our youth learn in a fun filled week the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ. So spread the word. VBS is the week of June 17th through the 21st from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm. If you are unable to help during VBS itself, there are days scheduled to help decorate and create the environment and theme of the VBS: Kingdom Rock: Where Kids Stand Strong for God. Decorations will be worked on June 2nd through 7th and June 10th through 15th. June 15th we will need everyone’s help to complete the Kingdom. Come have some fun with us!

To create greater opportunity for everyone to attend Christian Education Classes, we will have an important change. Beginning on July 7th we will begin celebrating the Eucharist at 10:00 am rather than 10:30 am. Please be sure to note this on your calendars as you do not want to be late for worship. When Christian Education begins in September, we will have both youth and adult Christian Education following the 10:00 am Eucharist. There will be adjustments for our choir to warm up and fellowship so please watch for continuing updates as we approach September. We are already planning a class on the Book of Revelation and Confirmation Class on Sunday mornings for adults as well as regular classes for our youth including preparation for communion.

Sunday, June 16th will be the day I commemorate my thirtieth anniversary of my Ordination to the Deaconate. I was ordained a transitional Deacon at the parish I grew up in, All Saint’s Parish, San Diego on June 17th. As I give thanks for a wonderful gift and ministry of our Lord, I hope all fathers will join us in giving thanks for the gift of fatherhood. I heard it rumored that there may be a special treat for all dads that day.

Sunday, June 23rd we will celebrate our Patronal Feast Day. After our festive celebration, giving thanks to God for the gift of St. Alban and the example he gave us by laying down his life for another, we will conclude our celebration by having a potluck meal together in the Parish Hall. If you attend the 8 am Eucharist, I hope you will come back and join us. If you are attending the 10:30 am Eucharist, please join us right after the Eucharist.

Summer is here and I know many of you will be travelling on and off throughout the next few months. Remember to call the Parish Office to ask for prayers as you travel. Remember to attend worship when you are traveling and say your daily prayers. Remember to keep your offering current as you budget for your trip. And remember that God does not take a vacation from his children and we should not take a vacation from Him. He just might surprise you with something you just didn’t know or realize.

Have a safe and great summer!

In Christ,
Fr. K+

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