July 2013

Dear Parishioners:

July brings us our National Holiday of Independence Day. It was on this day in 1776 that our country declared its independence from the rule of England, its king and its policies towards the colonies. The word freedom rang through our then country. We need to remember that this was not an easy time nor was it unanimous or homogeneous. There were many colonists that wished to remain with the establishment with which they were comfortable and established. There were many clergy that stayed with England until they fled the colonies near the end of the war because of their vows of loyalty. But the one thing that stood out during this time of war was the determination that God had given us inalienable rights and freedom. They were willing to fight to the death to live their lives in freedom.

These colonists knew something we should remember also. That God has given us freedom in Christ. Many do not understand that God pours out his grace abundantly. He causes it to rain on both the good and the bad. What freedom God gives us is our freedom to respond to his great mercy. He never forces himself on us nor does he command us to do something that he is not willing to help us accomplish. Yes he has given us talents as individuals and we should use those talents to the greater good and glory of God. But to live a life that is working out our salvation in fear and trembling requires us to rely on his gracious mercy and gifts. That is why after Jesus told them to enter by the narrow door when someone asked: Are few to be saved? It is impossible for us to save ourselves but we need to desire and have a passion to striving to follow our Lord.

A big thank you for the passion St. Alban’s has had for our youth. Vacation Bible School was a fantastic event. Our gratitude to: Marsha Neal and Patti Armstrong for co-chairing; Susie Wheaton for sharing her organizational talents; Don Wheaton for his creative talent; our Crew Leaders and Assisting Crew Leaders; our youth helpers; those who helped prepare the Parish Hall and Rooms and the generous donations we received for items need for VBS. You did a fantastic ministry and outreach for our youth. Thank You and Stand Strong for God!

Another note of gratitude goes to our choirs. My appreciation for our Chamber Choir, our St. Alban’s Singers, and our Bell Choir. July is when our choir takes a well-deserved break. All year they have offered their time, energy, talent and their voices to the glory of God. We have been blessed at St. Alban’s to have such wonderful choirs, directors, organist and the dedication to their ministry. Thank you and enjoy your time off as a choir although we will be blessed as you sit among the congregation.

At the writing of this article, we still have heard no word from the Texas Supreme Court. I am sure we are all asking when? It is a lesson in prayer and patience that we are having the opportunity to practice. We have no control but are being asked to wait patiently for the Texas Supreme Court. We have no control over what they do or when they are going to do it. So continue to pray that God’s will be done. But no matter what the decision is be assured that St. Alban’s will go on. I will be your Rector, the ministry of St. Alban’s will continue and God will be worshiped and glorified.

In July, things slow down a bit due to various staff and many of you taking vacations. A reminder each year I give at this time is: God doesn’t take a vacation from you, don’t take a vacation from Him. Another reminder is that we are changing the time of the 10:30 Sunday Eucharist to 10:00 am beginning on July 7th. Don’t be late for our worship of God at St. Alban’s.

I hope everyone has a blessed Independence Day. The Church Office will be closed and there will be no services on the 4th and 5th of July. As you celebrate the freedom of our country, remember to claim and respond to the freedom we find in Christ—the freedom from the bondage of sin and the freedom to live life in Christ and live it abundantly.

In Christ,
Fr. K+

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