September 2013

Dear Parishioners:

I waited to the last possible moment to write this article. I was hoping that some news from the Texas Supreme Court was going to be coming but all things do come if we wait patiently upon the Lord. It is sometimes so hard to trust that God has everything in his hands. So many times we want to take it from his hands and do something about it. We even ask God when is he going to do something about it. But that is not what a Christian does, is it? We wait patiently upon the Lord and then work with the answer he has given us. You know there are three answers that God does give us all the time. The first we like very much-it is when he says ‘Yes” to what we desire. The second is one we don’t like very well—it is when he says “No” to what we want. The third we dislike the most—it is when he says “Wait” we want to scream and say if not now, then When! We have become very demanding creatures have we not? In an age of technology, we find that even the fastest speeds and the most convenient tools we have are often shaping our thoughts of immediate gratification even with God. Sometimes we need to remember that it takes time for a plant, animal, human to grow and there is nothing in the world that is going to make it grow any faster than time and experience. Patience with ourselves also shows how much we lack in our relationship with our Lord.

First the sad news: It with sadness that I must announce the resignation of one of our staff members. Sueda, our Organist and Director of the Bell Choir will be leaving us. The first of September will be her last Sunday with us. She has taken a position as Ministry Assistant/Music Associate at Gambrell Street Baptist Church in Fort Worth. She and her family have had strong ties to this church and has provided ministry for the past three years during her time at St. Alban’s. I hope you will keep Sueda and her family in your prayers as we wish her farewell on September 1st. Please also keep in your prayers St. Alban’s as we search for a talented and gifted person for this ministry. As of September, our bell choir will have to be suspended until further notice. We thank Sueda for all her love and gift of music she has shared with us for these past three years. We thank our former organist, Dorinda White for stepping in and filling in for us. We greatly appreciate her and her willing to help us out.

The good news now: We will begin our Sunday Christian Education for all ages beginning on September 8th following the 10 am Eucharist. I hope you have already registered, that is you and the youth, for our Classes. It is good to see so many signed up for our class on Revelation as well as Inquirer’s Class for those who wish to review, be confirmed, received into the Anglican Communion, or renew their Baptismal Vows. The Bishop will have his official visitation to St. Alban’s on Sunday, November 17th when we will have Baptisms, Confirmation, Renewal and Reception . It will be an exciting day so please mark it on your calendars.

Sunday September 22nd will be Rally Sunday. You already have been introduced to some of the ministries we have at St. Alban’s. There are still some to come this month and we will be handing out a booklet with the various ministries that are available. We also will have a special kind of Eucharist on this Sunday. With our theme this year being “Celebrate Ministry: Time, Talent and Treasure,” we want a special day when we can commit ourselves to the service of the Lord. Thomas has been working with others to provide a Jazz Eucharist. I have never been to one so it will be a new experience for us but what an exciting way to Celebrate Ministry. Please plan to be here for this special occasion with ministry sign-ups in the Parish Hall following the Eucharist as well as some tasty treats.

I would like to express my gratitude to the youth and their adult leadership for a wonderful painting job on the youth rooms. If you haven’t seen them yet, please take a look. Our youth group is growing and becoming more active. I would like to see us encourage them by refurnishing their rooms with new furniture and the tools needed to help them continue to grow—more about that another time.

September means we are geared up to have a great year of celebrating ministry at St. Alban’s. Our time, talent and treasure are to be given to God’s Glory and worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Ministry and giving are ways to practice as we wait upon the Lord. It is a way of life as we strive to become more Christ-like each and every day.

In Christ,
Fr. K+

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