June 2014

Dear Parishioners:

June brings warmer weather and the beginning of summer. Many of us consider it is a time of vacation. It is the time we “take off” and leave the regular routine behind for a week or two. But while that is fine for the secular world, it is not for the Christian. The time after Pentecost is a time for growth and liturgically we use green as the color of our vestiture to signify and remind us that we are to be growing. It is not a time to take a vacation away from God but to grow even further in the knowledge and understanding of our Lord. After all is not the first and great commandment to love the Lord our God with ALL our heart, mind, soul and strength? Does this not mean only worship him every Sunday, the Lord’s Day, but each and every day of our lives? To deny this authority of God’s command is called antinomianism, from the Greek, anti—against, and nomos—law. Such statements of antinomianism are: “Nobody’s going to tell me what to do. I’m free to do what I want.” Antinomianism, writes James Sauer, “has a continuous pull on the human heart—for it puts our feelings above God’s precepts. Herbert Scholssberg correctly summarizes the antinomian framework in his book “Idols For Destruction: “Any conception that has love without law as its ethical principle will be relativistic and self-serving and without any means of arranging a priority between rival goods. There is no action so evil that it cannot and will not be said to be motivated by love. Antinomian love goes perfectly with autonomous man; neither can stand the shackles of law.”

Jesus came, he said, “not to abolish the law but to fulfill it” (Matthew 5:17-20). We need authorities, the divine and the time tested ones, not to take away our freedom but to channel it, direct it towards the good we were made for. Precisely because we do not always recognize or acknowledge that good, we need the guidance of law, whether it is divine law which makes real love possible or human law and courtesy which makes living together plausible.

So what can we do this summer to grow further? Have you thought about reading a spiritual book to grow? Our Bookstore has many available. On a trip? Have you thought about stopping in a church and lighting a candle with prayer for a safe journey that day? Then repeat this each leg of the journey. Have you thought about visiting a church, there is a beautiful set of painted churches here in Texas and stopping in to learn, say a prayer and light a candle? How about Sunday’s? Have you thought about reading a chapter a day of Scripture throughout the summer months? How about a commentary on the scriptures? There are so many possibilities and opportunities to grow during these months!

On June 1st we will honor our Christian Education Teachers for all they have done to help our youth and adults learn and grow. Our team of dedicated teachers has faithfully and devoutly taught Sunday after Sunday. I hope everyone will express their gratitude to this group of people for all they have done this past school year. As I mentioned in last month’s Newsletter, this fall we will return to our former schedule of Christian Education at 9:15 am and our Eucharist will return to the 10:30 am time. Don’t neglect to help our children to grow during their summer months by reading a Bible story before bed or perhaps the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis.

Also on June 1st we will have our Parish Picnic following the 10 am Eucharist. It will be in the Park on the north side of the Church. It is a great time for us to grow in fellowship with perhaps someone we have not met or don’t know. We ask that you to bring a dish to share and if you would like to enter the cobbler contest, bring your best recipe baked to perfection. Again, I hope everyone will join us for this relaxing and fun event.

Coming soon on June 17th through 20th will be our Vacation Bible School. VBS is not only a great way for our youth to learn and grow in the knowledge and love of God but all the volunteers make relationships and nurture our youth. If you have not volunteered for this event, please do not hesitate. Registration is online at www.saintalbans.org and is open to our children, grandchildren, godchildren, friends, and neighbors. The title is “Weird Animals” –Where Jesus’ Love is one-of–a-kind. Many items are needed and a sign up list is available in the entrance.

On June 22nd we commemorate our name saint, St. Alban. We will be having a Potluck in the Parish Hall following the 10 am Eucharist. We will have roasted chicken and ask you to bring your favorite side dish or desert to share. Mark this on your calendar as we thank God for the wonderful example of faith and sacrifice of St. Alban and for the fantastic people who call themselves St. Alban’s Parish.

May your summer months be filled with rest and the peace of the Lord! May your time on vacation be full of learning and be fruitful! And may God keep you safe and growing in our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Faithfully in Christ,
Fr. Kresowaty+

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