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The Very Reverend Edward F. Kresowaty (kres-o-wah-ti) is 60 years old and has been ordained for 34 years. He’s married to Lynn, an instructional facilitator, and they have two children, Jessica and Joshua, and two dogs, Nicki and Zeb.

November 2, 2016

November 2016

Dear Parishioners:
There are so many things going on this November I don’t know where to start. We begin with All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day and their celebrations. We have the changing of the time (before you go to bed, please) on Sunday morning about 2 am. We have the Bishop’s Visitation to St. Alban’s on Sunday, November 6th for Confirmation. I hope everyone will join us for this important service. Our Congratulations to Chase Krieger as he receives the Sacrament of Confirmation. Following the Eucharist, please come down to the Parish Hall for a Potluck reception and to celebrate this wonderful day with our Bishop and our new Confirmand.

I know we have thanked in the Sunday bulletin those who helped with painting, removal of wall paper, cleaning and taking tape off items in the kitchen which has been stuck for years, but I want to say how much we appreciate all you have done once again. Things look so much better and refreshed. Job well done!

We also kick off our collecting food and donations for our Advent Project. We give kudo’s to Glenda Morgan for all the years she has overseen the Advent Project. We also give thanks for Janice Doerge and Dorinda White for joining the team to help with this fantastic outreach. Please start bringing in canned food items to help those families in need that the Arlington Urban Ministries refer to us. The more given the more families we can help with.

Remember the First Sunday of Advent, November 27th our Christian Education Classes are suspended and everyone is invited to prepare the boxes for donations.

We have Diocesan Convention on the 18th and 19th of November. There are no controversial issues in our Diocese which we are thankful for. But please continue to pray for our Bishop, all Clergy and Laity of our Diocese, and our Delegates as we gather in worship and the business of the Church. We have indeed been blessed with godly Bishops and Archbishop. It is indeed a blessing we should be very thankful about.

We have our annual celebration in anticipation of Thanksgiving Day on Wednesday November 23rd at 7 pm. There is so much for us to give Thanks for — you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Please remember even if you are traveling, to stop and give thanks to God for all the blessing he has given us. If you are staying in town, join us in worship that evening, it is a great time to bring in food for those who are hungry.

We have two events that arrive very quickly in December that I would like to ask you to reserve the dates. The first is Advent Lessons and Carols. A beautiful service that combines Scripture and Music in anticipation of our Lord’s Coming. Advent Lessons and Carols will be on December 4th beginning at 5:30 pm followed by a reception.

The second exciting event will be the celebration of Fr. Maneikis’ 50th Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood. We will celebrate a Solemn Evensong beginning at 6:30 pm. Our Bishop will join us; our choir is preparing some special treats and there will be a special reception following in the Parish Hall. Please sure to mark your calendars to join us on Friday, December 16th.

Many thanks to Jacob Neal for becoming our Parish Liaison between the Cub Scouts and the Parish. This group of Scouts has been growing and it is hoped that they will grow large enough to reinstitute our Troop 82. Please say your prayers for them. I also want to thank Tom Immke for the many years of service he has so freely given as Liaison. We greatly appreciate all he has done.

I am also thankful for those working on our roof situation. If you have not been down in the Parish Hall for a while, please go down and look at the west wall by the kitchen. There has been massive leaking that has peeled the paint. In the hallway above the water faucet there is another place where water has come down and peeled the paint. The leakage through all this area has been happening for some time. It has come to our attention there may be structural damage in this area also. We have some very competent people looking into the matter and will suggest a permanent solution. This will be complicated as the power, gas and heating and air conditioning units run across this section of the roof. As more details come available I will let you know. Please pray for those working on a solution.

On a personal note, I am thankful for you. I greatly appreciate all the concern and love you express for me and my health. I am doing well. And please continue with your prayers. Healing is sometimes slower than we want and sometimes comes in unexpected ways and times. God is good and has blessed me in so many ways. I also want to give thanks for my staff. They keep me on my toes and help so greatly. They really help keep things going and moving around here. My thanks and praise to God and for you my St. Alban’s family.

I hope you will have a Blessed Thanksgiving and hope to see you at the many opportunities for celebration and thanksgiving.

In Christ,
Fr. K+


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